5 Traits of Impactful Christian Teachers

What is your goal as a Christian teacher? Is it to just inspire students? If you are a Christian teacher, you should always strive to create a real and lasting impact in their lives and hearts. Every Christian teacher swill admit to you that he strives to assist students to grow both in wisdom and character. This is all while experiencing the most glorious satisfaction when you witness Jesus work right in their souls.
If you are planning to become a Christian teacher soon, this article is for you. In case you also want to better your characters, this article is for you. We are going to talk about the five traits of impactful Christian teachers. Check them out.
Love for students
You will notice an impactful Christian teacher through his love for his students. Such teachers have Christ-like love. Among all the powerful forces on this earth, I recommend love. Love can make a huge difference in your students’ hearts. But it is not easy to show genuine and true love. First, you have to understand that the love that we are talking about here is not a feeling but a preference. Even on those days that love is difficult, you need to decide to show it.
Don’t teach for outside character
Classroom management is crucial but a good teacher is always concerned about what the student has in his heart. It is comparatively easy to compel a certain outside behavior and the students can learn to just play the part. However, what benefit is that to them once they go out of your classroom? Well, the best way to leave a lasting impact in their lives is by changing what they hold in their heart.
One of the traits that most people ignore is having a feeling of mission. Your position as a teacher is not only a job but also a calling. Christian teachers interact with their students daily. Therefore, impactful teachers have a mission of utilizing their unique personalities and skills to be positive role models. They also have a goal to make students ready for a life filled with faith.
Real and humble
This is a great trait for any teacher. Real faith and genuine humility earn respect from students. This, in return, offers great opportunities for impact. If you want to create an impact on your students, never pretend to be what you are not. Rather, try to be who are and be real about all your fights. Whenever you hurt your students, try to ask for their forgiveness. Don’t force humility. First, humble yourself before God.
Show patience
According to the Bible, love is patient. So, if you love your students, you will be patient with them. Students in schools are from different backgrounds and have different learning styles. You can show patience by having consistent surveys and conversations with them and their parents as well – click article on how should a teacher behave.
So, the take away from this post is that you have to be real, patient, and love your students. When you are being yourself, you will always inspire your students to be who they are.

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